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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Vybrant Potentials. We are honored to be a part of your journey.

How It Works

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps


Fill out our online application. It will help us determine your care needs.


Speak with our care coordinator. We will discuss your families situation, answer questions and learn more about your child’s interests.

Interview Candidates

Interview our top 3 candidates to find the right fit for your family.

Begin Services

Schedule your care. Book a time with your preferred caregiver.

*Minimum 14-day notice.

Fee Schedule & Costs

Registration Fee (non-refundable)


Booking Fee (For Non-Members)

$20 Per Session

Membership Fee

$50 Per Month

Cancellations Fee (under 24hrs)


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

To get started please fill out our new family questionnaire and schedule a time to speak with our care coordinator.

After your consultation, we will evaluate the information and recommend 1-3 sitters we feel would be a great fit.

How Do I Request A Sitter?

Go to our scheduling request link. Request the time, date, and location and give any other details surrounding th sitter request.e sitters. (ex. date night, wedding companion, theme park visit, birthday party)

*14 day minimum notice.

How Do I Schedule A Service?

After you have interviewed potential care givers you can request a time with them on their calendar. Every caregiver has their own schedule of availability.

Is Vybrant Potentials Just For Kids?

Yes, our services are currently only for children.

Is There A Minimum For A Session?

The minimum length for a sitter request is 3 hours.

Can I Contact A Sitter Directly For A Sitter Request?

No, we ask that families do not contact sitters directly for service requests.

If a family goes outside of Vybrant Potentials to schedule a service request the family will be charged $500 to their card on file.

We go to great lengths to conduct background checks, verify credentials, interview and assess our sitters to ensure the highest quality care.